Peace Process

The Peace Process has three fundamental Pillars: Governments, Third neutral parties, and Peacbuilders.

All these three Pillars contribute to and establish the effective Peace Process through their peacebuilding activities, in mutual partnership.


Mediation is a process, managed and lead by the third neutral party (professional mediator) which is selected by the parties involved in conflict. Mediation process helps parties to reach common decision and assists them in implementation of elaborated decision. Mediation, as a process is an integral part of peacebuilding. The technique of mediation is neutral and effective for negotiations and conflict non-violent resolution by peaceful means. Mediated negotiation is reflecting parties’ needs and interests, assisting parties to commonly solve the problem themselves but not by the third party.


Facilitation - the third neutral party runs a process of the meeting between parties. Facilitation helps parties of the meeting to exchange information and elaborate common decision and alternatives to decision. Facilitation is a meeting process management lead by the third neutral party (professional facilitator). Responsible person for the process management – facilitator – arranges relations between opposite parties to discuss problem content and reach problem solving.


For reaching a compromise parties involved in conflict are to meet each other for discussion without involvement of the third neutral party. According to the aim and type of negotiation there are Interest-based and Positional Negotiations. During an ordinary negotiation the parties are declaring their positions but not their interests and/or needs.


The Dialogue is recognition of each other’s thoughts. The Dialogue is the only way that provides opposing parties with the possibility to listen and understand each other, develop conversation and then reach the agreement.

High Level Peace Plans

3 High Level Peace Plans Identified and Negotiated under the Track 1 of the Peace Process of Georgia:

So Called:

1. Boden Document (2001-2008);

2. Steinmeier's Peace Plan (2008);

3. Sarkozi 6-point Plan (2008 - till today).


ICCN in Peace Processes of Georgia

International Center on Conflict and Negotiation


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