SOS! The Threat to Civil Society and Free Media has Increased in Georgia

The parliamentary majority leader of the ruling Georgian Dream party, announced the reintroduction of the draft law on foreign agents on 3rd of April, 2024.

The governing Georgian Dream party said that it plans to make another bid to pass the legislation, which would require organisations that accept funding from abroad to register as “foreign agents”.

The Georgian Dream had to withdraw the same draft law last 2023 year after the March 7-9 large rallies against the bill.

The reintroduction of the Russian Law in Georgia, would require Georgian organisations receiving more than 20% of their funding from abroad to register as "foreign agents" or face fines. Russia has used similar measures to squeeze out civil society groups critical of the government.


Russian Law is not the will of Georgia, The Statement, 21st of February, 2023

Yes to Europe! კი ევროპას!

No to russian law! არა რუსულ კანონს!