GPPAC ISG 2024 meeting in Tokyo

From January 22-27, 2024, the International Steering Group (ISG) of the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) gathered in Tokyo, Japan. The Peace Boat hosted a very special meeting in Tokyo - the meeting was the first in-person meeting in almost five years. The moto of the meeting was Building Peace Together. Up to 50 peacebuilders from throughout Japan and 24 countries around the world worked in Tokyo for five days with valuable learning opportunities, networking, and collaborative discussions.

GPPAC is a global network led by civil society organisations (CSOs) actively working to prevent violent conflict and build more peaceful societies. The network consists of 15 regional networks based at local peacebuilding organisations throughout the world, and has its Global Secretariat in The Hague.

GPPAC’s ISG is a powerhouse of local peacebuilders, each representing one of our 15 Regional Secretariats and Working Groups. The ISG Tokyo meeting provided a venue to discuss and determine the collective peacebuilding priorities of the GPPAC Network. The ISG is a dynamic space to spark inspiration and start co-creating concrete peacebuilding action. GPPAC Network's 15 Regional Secretariats and working groups, which are deeply rooted in local communities, are the vital link connecting unique local perspectives and insights with the broader network.

The GPPAC ISG meeting was attanded by representatives of GPPAC South Caucasus Network representatives as well - by Ms. Nina Tsikhistavi-Khutsishvili, ISG Member, GPPAC Regional Representative, the Regional Secretariat of the GPPAC Network in Caucasus and by Mr. İsmayıl Abdulali, GPPAC South Caucasus Network.

Reflect, Adapt, Lead - the three pillars of in-person ISG meeting:

  • Reflect on 20+ years of impact: Taking a moment to reflect on peacebuilding achievements, collecting insights and lessons learned, especially in pursuit of goals outlined in our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. This reflection is timely, coinciding with a comeback of networks at the global level.

  • Adapt to our challenges and needs: Acknowledging the ISG is about addressing the real challenges local peacebuilders face and finding solutions. We go through a vibrant loop of learning and exchange, collaboration and co-creation. This process weaves our network together and creates a sense of belonging.

  • Lead concrete peacebuilding action: The ISG is a safe and creative space for creating concrete and collective peacebuilding action. After all, few have a greater vested interest in peace than those whose lives are directly impacted by violence and conflict.

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